Nutrition Therapy can show you how to reverse the malaise, aches, and pains that are consequences of modern processed food.

With a focus on real food… Energy can increase.  Weight can normalize.  Aches and pains can disappear.  Focus can deepen.  Moods can stabilize… all as a result of eating a nutrient rich diet containing real food!

What Balance Nutrition Therapy offers…


Join a group program

Surround yourself with others who are choosing real food for lifelong health.  Join a group class lead by Balance Nutrition Therapy.  Explore a way of eating with the support of others around you.

  • The RESTART® Program is a 5-week nutrition education class taught only by Nutritional Therapy Practitioners.  It covers the reasons why real food is optimal for our health.
  • The 21 Day Sugar Detoxbalance nutrition therapy 21 day sugar detox group class jump-starts the process of kicking sugar and carb cravings and gets you off the blood sugar roller-coaster.  This world renowned program is the work of Diane Sanfillipo, BS, NC.  Her beautiful recipes and guides complement this group setting.


Select a nutrition therapy package

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  • One-on-One Packages to develop a individualized plan.  This plan provides targeted nutrition, supplement, and lifestyle protocols necessary to restore vibrant health.   Not only are we focusing on real food quality, nutrition therapy also ensures you are digesting food properly for deep cellular health.  Nutritional Therapy Practitioners (NTP) receive training to perform a Client Consultation Process, the Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire, and the hands-on Functional Evaluation to assess nutritional needs.


GT-X challengers get nutrition help

Take a 10 week Nutrition Challenge while participating in the performance and weight loss challenge.  Each week focuses on small nutrition changes that can make a big difference in athletic performance.GT-X Sports Performance - nutrition therapy

Pint Sized Package – Balance Nutrition Therapy offers a private 30 minute consultation session.  Meet to discuss food journal review and feedback, macronutrient ratio adjustments, menu planning, nutrient timing, carb cycling questions or any other questions you might have in your GT-X Performance Challenge.